Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge

Wagh Bakri Tea Group is a Premium Tea Company, having presence in tea business since 1892. Today it is the 3rd largest packaged tea company in India with a turnover of over Rs. 1100 Cr. and over 40 million Kgs of tea distribution.

Wagh Bakri have pioneered the concept of 5 Star Tea Lounges in India and have recently launched a tea lounge in Pune, serving more than 50 other varieties of teas along with a selection of locally baked cakes, cookies and fresh sandwiches.

Wagh Bakri
Wagh Bakri

I had attended a bloggers table there a couple of months back and here is a rundown of my experience there.

The lounge is at a sub-ground level running along the width of a commercial building so the place is an elongated rectangle with the counter right opposite the entrance. The rest of the space has comfortable seating and pictures adoring the walls which explain the history and journey of the brand.

Wagh Bakri
The counter

Apart from the usual CTC and condiment flavored teas, Wagh Bakri has also introduced a variety of gourmet teas in their lounge.

Gourmet Teas

The Wagh Bakri Masala Tea is made from a fine combination of Indian black CTC tea enhanced with cardamom,ginger, cinnamon and pepper and is invigorating and relaxing at the same time and gives you the true feel of Indian spices. The Paneer Tikka Sandwich served with it, was a perfect accompaniment.

Wagh Bakri
Wagh Bakri Masala Tea [Rs. 70] with Paneer Tikka Sandwich [Rs. 150]

The Wagh Bakri Gourmet Rose Tea is served with a timer to ensure the tea is infused for the exact duration to bring out the aroma of the tea and fragrance of rose. Served with additional honey and lemon for added flavors. Best enjoyed with cookies to break the arid taste of the milk-less tea.

Wagh Bakri
Wagh Bakri Gourmet Rose Tea [Rs. 150]
Wagh Bakri
Gourmet Rose Team with Cookied [Rs. 40]

The Wagh Bakri Khus Tea has a unique greenish tinge to the tea, quite unlike the green tea we are used to having. The khus provides a strong refreshing and cool flavor to the steeped tea and goes well with the Junglee Veg. Panini, although we found the stuffing to be less in the sandwich.

Wagh Bakri
Wagh Bakri Khus Tea [Rs.150]
Wagh Bakri
Junglee Veg. Panini [Rs. 150]

The Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge has filled in a void in Pune, one which most were not even aware of. A single source of multiple types of teas, a place to kick-start your day with a cuppa tea or to unwind with snacks and maybe a good book for company at the end of a tiring day; the tea lounge offers something to everyone.


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