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It is said that the mark of a great person is soaring to great heights while remaining firmly grounded on earth. The same can be said about any restaurant as well. In fact, some of the most legendary restaurants still remain true to their roots.

One such classic example of this, is the Signature restaurant which started operations in Kondhwa with modest beginnings and has now launched their second outlet at Viman Nagar in a fine-dine avatar.

The restaurant is quite spacious, with three seating sections to choose from. The indoor section is quite plush while the outdoor section provides a more open-to-air ambiance. The upstairs section is still not open to public as final touches were still being made to it.

The frontage and ambiance

Recently, Signature held a blogger’s table and I was honored with an invite to the same.

From the cocktails section, I tried the Old Fashioned, sugar-free variant. A very well-made cocktail which once again hit the bull’s eye of taste without the sweetness of sugar.

Old Fashioned


The Veg. Konjenaro is quite like the Veg. Crispy in appearance but is made with baby corn and a different sauce which imparted a wonderful flavor to the dish. The Jalapeno Poppers too had a nice crunchy exterior but lacked the punch of the chili.

Veg. Konjenaro
Jalapeno Poppers

The Chicken Kalonji Kebab had tender, juicy chicken chunks, with a lovely smokiness and slight bitter aftertaste of the char. #YumYum

Chicken Kalonji Kebab

On the other hand, the Mutton Seekh Kebab was quite heavy handed on the ginger and unfortunately a bit dry.

Mutton Seekh Kebab

Chicken Hunan packed some good flavors and the Prawns Tawa (Mangalore style) too had a lovely masala but the prawns themselves felt a tad under. A couple of minutes more on the heat and they would’ve been perfect.

Chicken Hunan
Prawns Tawa


The mains we tried, were a good balance of meat and veg dishes for everyone and the presentation were on point.

The Mains

The Chicken Shabnami and the Chicken Mangalorean Curry tasted good however the lamb used in the Mutton Rara Masala tasted funny.

Veg. Gassi and the Veg. Pepperoni were decent dishes taste-wise but nothing outstanding. Also, couldn’t fathom the inspiration behind the nomenclature.

Thankfully the Chicken Biryani was bang-on. Juicy chicken chunks in aromatic biryani rice and the correct proportion of masala to the rice. #DeliciousDelicious

Chicken Biryani

Signature Fine Dine strives to continue their legacy so well entrenched in the Punekar’s psyche thanks to their legendary outlet in Kondhwa. The more comfortable seating and ambiance will certainly help in attracting the urbane crowd of Viman Nagar.

The bloggers


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