Millhouse Cafe and Bistro

A recent addition to the Pune culinary landscape, Millhouse: Cafe & Bistro has opened doors at the Pavillion Mall on SB Road.


A wonderful ambiance reminiscent of the mills of yore, the walls and ceiling are naked concrete with frames and artefacts adorning it. Definitely oozing positive vibes, like an oasis of calm in the middle of a bustling mall.


I had a good experience of the place, when I visited them recently with friends.


The Watermelon Lime Aqua had chunky watermelon pulp, and juice and topped with citrusy lime. This is a Millhouse signature, while the Blueberry Moscow Mule is their virgin take on the classic cocktail, made with a dash of blueberry.

Watermelon Lime Aqua [Rs. 215]
Blueberry Moscow Mule [Rs. 250]


The Jalapeno Cottage Cheese Poppers were crispy, fried, cheesy dynamites of goodness however the taste of the chili felt missing.

Jalapeno Cottage Cheese Poppers [Rs. 300]

The Crispy Chicken Tenders were crunchy outside, juicy and spicy on the inside while the Plum Chili Chicken Wings was a wonderful combination of sweet and spicy in the same dish. Loved the subtle hit of plum in the dish.

Crispy Chicken Tenders [Rs. 385]
Plum Chili Chicken Wings [Rs. 385]


The Oriental Sesame Chicken Salad had pulled chicken chunks tossed with cucumber, onions, roasted peanuts and lettuce in a sesame lime dressing. The blend of different distinct flavors in every bite was a wonderful experience.

Oriental Sesame Chicken Salad [Rs. 350]


The Chicken Two Ways pizza had toppings of roasted chicken, and chicken sausage with grilled onions and roasted garlic for company. While the toppings were flavorsome, the base could’ve been crispier.

Chicken Two Ways [Rs. 430]


The Roast Chicken Lasagna had home-made pasta layered with creamy b├ęchamel & tomato concasse, and slow baked to perfection. The preparation and taste, both on point.

Roast Chicken Lasagna [Rs. 495]

Millhouse may have been a recent addition to Pavillion’s culinary index however has already gained popularity as an apt place for dining.


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