Flechazo – Love at First Bite

Every once in a while, there comes along a place that makes you fall in love with it, ambiance, food and all. Flechazo is one such place.

Recently opened in Wakad, Flechazo literally means “Love at First Sight” in Spanish.

Recently I visited this place upon invitation and I was extremely impressed by the overall ambiance and décor of the place. This is a humongous and well-lit place with ample seating, yet there is sufficient space between tables to ensure privacy.

The ambiance

Ranjeet, the marketing manager and Sanjay, the business development manager, were kind enough to give us a floor walk of the place, explaining the concept behind the restaurant and the layout of the sections.

The place is divvied up into sections like Food Shots, Bar, Pasta, Big O and Specials Live Counters, Smokin’ Cold, and the Buffet. There are plenty of captains and servers around the place [24 at last count that evening] which feel more than sufficient to handle packed days.

As their bar was still not operational as on the day of visit, I tried a couple of mocktails viz. Kaffir Lime and Green Tea Julep and a Bartender’s Special. This was made specially since the julep was extremely sweet and I could not go beyond a couple of sips. Thankfully the special drink was made sans sugar and had a wonderful zing to it.

Kaffir Lime and Green Tea Julep
Bartender’s Special

Food Shots has a cool conveyor belt carrying bowls of appetizers around, with customers free to pick up any and as many bowls as they feel like. That evening, the section belted out classics like Chili Basil Chicken Dumpling, Chili Hoisin Veg Dim Sum, Chili Mango Prawns in mango mint sauce, Veg Tapas, Creamy Chicken and Pineapple Bruschetta with balsamic reduction, Spice Mushroom Lettuce and Carrot Maki, Prawns California Roll, Aloo Papri Chat and Pani Puri.

Food Shots on the conveyor belt

Currently, the biggest USP of the place is the Big O [stands for Oven; get your minds out of the gutter!! 😝 ] where you are encouraged to make your own pizza by rolling the dough, garnishing it with toppings and baking it in the oven. It’s a fun activity which would not only appeal to the young but also the young-at-heart. We attempted to make the Mushroom Corn and Cheese Pizza and had a ball of a time while doing so.

Having fun at the Pizza live counter

The Specials counter featured “Appams” with a variety of unusual combinations in the vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. I tried the Tandoori Chicken Tadka Appam which had some lovely flavors. The Pasta counter had the usual array of pastas and sauces which the chef would whip into a dish of your choice. Decent flavors, however, nothing great to write home about.

Tandoori Chicken Tadka Appam

The Main Buffet is laid out in an ‘L’ shaped section with one end housing the salads and sandwiches, one arm hosting the veg dishes while the other arm clearly demarcated with non-veg. dishes.

The buffet spread was impressive with equal thought given to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Exact list of dishes available in the buffet are shown in the photos below.

The buffet menu for the day

Tried veg. food that day and it was delicious, well-cooked and flavorsome.

Veg. Starters
Veg. Mains

The Smokin’ Cold section had ice cream made using liquid nitrogen. While seriously curtailing the preparation time, it also makes for good theater. The flavors on offer then were Irish Coffee, Paan Ice Cream, Caramel Banana, Citrus Chocolate Chunks, Choco Peanut Butter and Coconut Mango.

Nitrogen Ice Cream in the making

We tried the Irish Coffee flavor. While it was fun watching the staff play with fumes in making the ice cream, the taste wasn’t up to the mark.

Apart from these, there was also a live counter for jalebi. Watching the jalebis being made live in front of your eyes is quite a cathartic experience.

Naam, Jalebi Bai 😀

An entire refrigerated section played host to Yogurt Parfait, Cappuccino & Chocolate Dirt Mousse, Tropical Mixed Fruit Pastry, Kesari Shrikhand, Chocolate Lollipops and Fresh Cut Fruits.

Dessert Heaven!

The staff is extremely attentive and friendly, querying you at regular intervals about your comfort and needs. While that’s a good thing, unfortunately it felt intrusive after a while. You certainly wouldn’t appreciate your server interrupting a romantic evening or a serious discussion ever so often asking if you need anything else.

A big shout out to Megha for inviting us and Chandu [Captain] and Team Flechazo for hosting us.

Flechazo is located at Wakad.


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same.

The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarized it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.

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