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There’s a charming old-school bungalow on FC road that has been turned into an expansive cafe. With a social media-worthy style and peaceful ambiance with green foliage all around, Cafe Kathaa is a must-visit place for those who like to enjoy good books while munching on amazing food.

Offering free Wi-Fi, Kathaa welcomes you with open arms and hot coffee to spend your day working in one of the most peaceful location in the heart of the bustling city. And for the millennials, there are Kindles as well.

The foliage, the flowers, the ambiance

I recently visited them on a #TastingInvite to try their breakfast menu and it was a fun morning with friends.


Kathaa Smoothies

The Green Apple and Kale Smoothie had yoghurt and honey, which upped the health quotient of the already healthy drink. Lovely assortment of flavors in the glass, I felt instantly healthy upon tasting it, all thanks to the Kale. 😛

The Strawberry & Avocado Smoothie was a combination that I did not think would work, however ended up being my pick of the day. A wonderful blend of super-fruits loaded with calcium and other natural supplements. #HighlyRecommended

The Kathaa Wake-Up Call had watermelon, lychee, honey and home-made yogurt. Unfortunately the quantity of yogurt fell short and the smoothie ended up being too watery. On the other hand, the Morning Sunshine [Rs. 170] had a decent combination of mango and pineapple, a little richness, a little tartness. Loved the freshness and bite of mint leaves throughout the drink.

The Tropical Smoothie had all the tropical flavors of papaya, pineapple and coconut blended in yogurt. Unfortunately the flavors didn’t gel well together and I personally didn’t like the aftertaste of grated coconut.

The Smoothies [placed L-R] all priced at Rs. 170


The Grilled Cottage Cheese and Melon Salad had gherkins and cheese slices for company. The zing of the watermelon, the creaminess of the cottage cheese and the tang of the pickled gherkin complemented each other very well however the paneer was a tad bit chewy. The Smoked Pepper and Pasta Salad had underdone pasta but overall, did enjoy the cold pasta salad.

Grilled Cottage Cheese and Melon Salad [Rs. 220]
Smoked Pepper and Pasta Salad [Rs. 220]

Breakfast Menu

The Broccoli Corn Spinach Omlette felt a little too sweet for my palate, thanks to the corn and the blanched spinach however the Tex Mex Omlette with Thousand Island dressing and jalapeno salsa had the perfect proportion of spiciness. The inclusion of tortilla crisps added a nice crunch to the dish.

Broccoli Corn Spinach Omlette
Tex Mex Omlette [Rs. 200]

The Kathaa Jumbo Omlette is probably a regular-portioned breakfast of “ The Great Khali” or “ Andre the Giant”. Made with 8 eggs, fresh veggies, basil and lots of mozzarella cheese; this, however, is a group brunch for mere mortals like us. #Humongous

Kathaa Jumbo Omlette [Rs. 220]

The Shakshouka is a North African style poached egg with spicy tomato sauce however the tomato spread could’ve been more moist. Flavor-wise, the dish was on point.

Shakshouka [Rs. 200]

The French Kiss was a savory French toast with stuffed tropical veggies. My first impression and memory of a French Toast has always been sweet so was rather skeptical when we were served the savory version, especially jittery since the previous attempts at a savory version have always ended in disaster for me. But the dish blew me away. It managed to retain a slight hint of the sweetness and subtle undertones of cinnamon and nutmeg while allowing the tropical veggies to shine through. #YumYum

French Kiss [Rs. 220]


The Zucchini and Corn Pancakes had loads of cheese with a hint of basil and oregano. Loved the combination of the suppleness of the zucchini and the juicy bite of the corn in the pancakes.

Zucchini and Corn Pancakes [Rs. 220]

Quite like an oasis in the middle of chaos, Café Kathaa provides solace to the weary and a destination to the wanderers.


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