Breakfast like a King at Hotel Ramee Grand

Kya kare kya na kare yeh kaisi mushkil hai, Koi to bataa de iska haal o mere bhai.

Ke ek taraf to Continental se pyaar kare hum, Aur South Indian se ye kehne se dare hum.”

Breakfast. What does one like to have for a leisure breakfast? Toe the international trend and opt for Continental spread or be desi and choose the staple South Indian cuisine [Kyuki Dil Hai Hindustani]? Has anyone ever faced this conundrum?

Well, I have. Multiple times. And every time I have wondered if I can get the best of both worlds, choosing to pair an ‘egg’-cellent dish with the luscious Pongal or even a dosa. And it seems like my prayers have finally been answered.

Hotel Ramee Grand has recently opened its doors with welcoming arms to the public, to savor their amazing array of breakfast options, that too only at Rs. 399++

Their in-house restaurant, Oriental Fusion, plays host to the breakfast buffet. Don’t let the name of the restaurant mislead you. The place serves some kick-ass varieties of delicacies outside the oriental cuisine as well.

A spacious and bright restaurant with comfortable seating, the buffet section is housed against the open kitchen wall, where you can enjoy your dishes being prepared right in front of your eyes.

Ramee Grand
Ramee Grand
Ramee Grand
The buffet spread

I was recently a part of a Breakfast #BloggersTable there and the fact that we finally left the place at 12:30 PM with stuffed tummies proves the quality and sheer quantity of dishes available to help break your overnight fast.

The sheer number of items in both categories paired with fresh juices and other breakfast staples is sure to not only impress you with the quantity but also with the quality and taste of the dishes.

Freshly baked breads, fresh cut fruits, cheese and dry fruits accompanied our fruit juices and hot beverages once we settled down at our table.

Ramee Grand
Breads, Fruits, Cheese, Juices

The South Indian fare included some staples and some surprises. While Pongal is celebrated all over South India to usher in the harvest season, it is also a celebrated dish down south.

A lovely consistency and beautiful flavors, the Pongal here at Ramee Grand was quite a revelation and frankly, a surprise as well since there are hardly any non-specialty restaurants that serve it.

Ramee Grand

Multiple varieties of dosas including rava dosa, rava masala dosa, plain masala dosa along with steamed and carrot idlis made their presence felt at the table and were devoured with equal fervor.

Ramee Grand
Rava Dosa

North India too made a mark with their Poori Bhaji and Aloo Paratha, both equally delish.

Ramee Grand
Aloo Paratha

The humble egg is one of the most versatile food out there and the team at Oriental Fusion have managed to showcase it in all its versatility. Right from scrambled to poached and sunny side up to omlettes, everything was made fresh to order and seasoned perfectly.

Ramee Grand
Ramee Grand
Poached Egg
Ramee Grand
Scrambled Eggs
Ramee Grand
Sunny Side Up

Priced at Rs. 399++, the breakfast at Ramee Grand is not only a VFM deal, it’s a frikkin’ steal.

Hotel Ramee Grand is located on Apte Road, Shivaji Nagar.


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