A Blissful Weekend at the House of Bliss

Nestled in an off lane in Lonavala, this House of Bliss truly offers a blissful weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Located between Pune and Mumbai, Lonavala sees a lot of footfalls every day, especially over the weekends and during the holidays. Manasi Bungalow is strategically located near the Lonavala exit of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, yet offers a serene ambiance to relax in.

Manasi Bungalow
A wonderful drive via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Navigating to this place is a cinch, thanks to accurate tracking via Google Maps. However a point to note, at a small junction in the road leading to the resort, where the signage asks you to turn right; continue till the end of the road and then turn right with the natural bend. That particular road is dusty and narrow however cars can be maneuvered safely albeit cautiously. An open plot next to Manasi Bungalow provides sufficient parking for a couple of cars.

Manasi Bungalow
Manasi Bungalow at last!!

Coming to the place itself, it has some spacious rooms, enough to accommodate up to 15 people and a huge lawn out front. Big enough for physical games like Frisbee, football, cricket or badminton; the lawn can also be used for bonfires or barbecue dinners or even to sit casually.

Manasi Bungalow
The spacious lawn

On the backside is another small grassy area and a veranda of sorts with table and chairs for lunch and dinner.

Manasi Bungalow
Enclosed veranda for dining

Having reached there by late morning, we quickly checked out the rooms and settled in.

Being four of us, we were assigned a large hall and an adjoining bedroom. The hall was extremely spacious with thick and comfortable cotton-stuffed bedding laid out on a heightened stone bench running across the length of the room while the other side had more of a sofa-ish seating.

Manasi Bungalow
Manasi Bungalow
The roomy hall

Some quirky artefacts adorned the shelves in the hall. The slant ceiling also gave a wonderful feel to the whole place.

Manasi Bungalow
Manasi Bungalow
Manasi Bungalow
Ain’t them quirky?

The bedroom was another spacious room with an attached bathroom. A large queen’s size bed, a rollover sofa cum bed and a sofa provided seating and sleeping options while a wardrobe in the corner ensured safety of your belongings. The bathroom was compact with just enough space to do your business. Towels and toiletries are provided on request. The towels are fresh however some still bear old stains so do carry a spare just in case.

Manasi Bungalow
Manasi Bungalow
Bedroom scenes

Having run around the whole place like excited kids and clicking photos, we were famished and got down to checking lunch options. The lack of delivery options to Manasi Bungalow is a bit of a downer with most places declining to deliver, rather asking you to come pick up the order while others agreeing to deliver albeit on cash transactions only. So make sure to carry some extra cash for such emergencies.

Ended up ordering food from a restaurant called Hotel Lonavala [very creative and unique name! 😉] who agreed to deliver, COD. However the mad scramble to find exact change was not a pretty sight.

Manasi Bungalow

Chicken Kadhai, Dal Fry Tadka, Rotis and Steamed Rice sufficed the hunger in us. While the chicken had too much oil, overall the dishes tasted decent. And at Rs. 895, it wasn’t too expensive.

Manasi Bungalow
Not too expensive

Afternoons can be used for exploring the city or shopping in the main market. We opted to stay in and play Uno and some board games! 😀

Manasi Bungalow
Fun times playing Uno. PS: I won!!

Four guys on a weekend away meant dinner had to begin with some relaxed conversations over drinks. Food from Ramakrishna Veg. ensured we did not sleep on an empty stomach.

Manasi Bungalow
Drinks, Food and a whole lot of conversations

After a comfortable and sound sleep, Sunday morning began with a rejuvenating bare feet walk on the dew laden grass. The cool breeze and the happy sounds of birds instantly put you in state of tranquil. The caretaker was kind enough to whip up a hearty breakfast of steaming hot pohe with tea in a kettle.

Manasi Bungalow
Garma garam Poha

Having been informed that we could check-out by late afternoon, the morning was spent in lazing around the lawn on the recliner-styled chairs. Lazy morning, lazy us! Although some of us decided to utilize the time more wisely by clicking more pictures of the property.

Lunch meant another drive into town [Ugh!]. Annapurna came to our rescue with its homely veg and non-veg food.

Manasi Bungalow
A rather light lunch

Back to the bungalow and back to bakchodi with friends in the room. Finally around 5 PM, with a heavy heart we decided to check out of the place. Exit our rooms and we had a surprise waiting. Piping hot kanda bhajiyas [onion fritters] with fried green chilies became our ‘one for the road’. Loved this sweet gesture by the caretaker.

Manasi Bungalow
Kanda Bhaji

Manasi Bungalow is an ideal place if you’re looking to unwind and relax to take a break from the daily rigors of life.

Manasi Bungalow
The Bulldogs with the caretaker

For bookings, contact +919820068611 or write to manasibungalow12@gmail.com.

A big shout-out to Manasvi for inviting us and the kind caretaker at Manasi Bunglow for hosting us over the weekend.


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