Beer Cosmetics from Manufaktura, CZ

Manufaktura is an exceptional 100% Czech concept of brand name stores with its own original cosmetic products and accessories for unique home spa.

Why home spa?

We live in a fast-moving world, in stress, tension and rush. A pleasant rite of home spa accompanied by a lit candle, scented bath, refreshing shower, massage, a cup of tea or another way of pampering yourself helps forget daily problems, reach physical and mental relief and simply relax for a while. Formulae of the original and high-quality products exploit beneficial effects of traditional Czech natural ingredients – Czech beer and hop extract, Carlsbad thermal spring salt, wine and grapevine extract, apricot, daisy and other fruits and herbs typical of their country.

The content of original ingredients – Czech beer, wine, Carlsbad thermal spring salt, healing herbs and fruits from Czech gardens, orchards and meadows – has been always characteristic of their cosmetic products. Later on, the whole cosmetic concept was integrated with the idea of home spa based on the world famous Czech spa tradition, which was also a reaction to the contemporary fast-moving times bereft of calm, ease and rest.

Manufaktura Beer Cosmetics

Beer cosmetics is based on centuries-old tradition of the Czech beer, which thanks to its exceptional quality, is generally recognized as the best in the world. The unique climatic effects for growing hops, experience of their brewers and traditional production procedures contribute significantly to the unrepeatable quality and taste of the Czech beer.

Beer is a unique source of vitamin B, trace elements and minerals, which significantly support skin regeneration and boost its resistance to adverse environmental effects. The hops clean, calms and softens skin. These evident soothening effects inspired Manufaktura to produce original beer cosmetics range. All the products contain the pure Czech beer, brewer’s yeast or hops extract and are accompanied by delicious bitter-sweet aroma.

Their beer cosmetics contain exceptional genuine beer – Ferdinand, pale lager 11° Max. There are several reasons why this beer was chosen:

  1. This beer is brewed by 100-year-old unchanged methods in an exceptionally beautiful Ferdinand brewery in Benešov – a tradition since 1897.
  2. It is made by the typical method of fermentation in open vessels in lagering cellars without use of modern fastening technologies,
  3. and brewed from prime quality Czech ingredients guaranteeing unique quality.

I recently got my hands on a travel pack of three of their most popular beer cosmetics – the shower gel, the hair shampoo and the hand care cream.


Refreshing Shower Gel with Beer and Grain Extracts

Made with 97.87% natural ingredients, the refreshing beer shower gel contains vitamin B beneficial to skin, cleaning and calming hops, significant trace elements, minerals and softening grain extract. After showering, skin remains silkily soft and perfectly cleansed. The beer shower gel protects skin and supports its regeneration, so is convenient for daily use.

Shine & Vitality Beer Hair Shampoo with Grain Extracts

Made with 96.97% natural ingredients, the soft beer hair shampoo with pure Czech beer, panthenol, grain extracts, peat and lanolin makes hair stronger and naturally bright, reduces its fragility, and gives it a fresh look. The hops support hair growth and calms the scalp. The beer hair shampoo protects and is convenient for daily use.

Hand Care Cream with Hops Extract and Shea Butter

Made with 99.03% natural ingredients, the soft hand cream rich in precious natural ingredients provides hand skin, which is often exposed to adverse environmental impacts, with much needed care. Hops extract along with allantoin and panthenol calm and soften skin and plant glycerin keeps its natural balance of water. Natural oil from grape seeds, shea and macadamia nuts regenerate and nourish skin. Thanks to its light consistency, the cream is well absorbable and does not leave the skin greasy. Moreover, it has a delicious bitter-sweet aroma which lingers for a few hours.

While I got my travel pack of pint-sized bottles directly from Europe [benefits of knowing someone traveling 😉], these bathroom essentials from Manufaktura are also available in India on Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra.

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