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Mainland China has already etched a place in people’s hearts with their Chinese cuisine, offering a near perfect dining experience. With 25 years of experience under their belt, or chef’s hat, Mainland China is starting all over again, introducing their younger sibling to the world.

Asia Kitchen by Mainland China presents to you an adventure into a widespread culture and cuisine of Asia with a young, casual and refreshed look. After revealing the innermost secrets of China’s vast and extensive cuisine; Asia Kitchen promises to be a revelation of sorts taking connoisseurs through the sprawling kitchens of Far East from Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia to Malaysia, Burma, Korea and of course China.

Asia Kitchen
The facade

The master chefs at Asia Kitchen curate a fast, casual experience through their cooking techniques of tossing, steaming, grilling and eventually, stirring the palates and souls of many energetic diners. The menu from Asia Kitchen by Mainland China is extensive and ranges from sushi to dim sums, to baos and noodles to Asian desserts.

The place has a very vibrant ambiance with mood lighting and comfortable seating and the open kitchen along one side of the restaurant not only gives an insight into the workings of the kitchen but also adds a sensation of openness to the place.

Asia Kitchen
Asia Kitchen
Asia Kitchen

I was called for a pre-launch preview of the place and I was extremely impressed by the overall experience.


While all the cocktails on the curated menu looked tempting, I could only try the Pearl String thanks to my sugar restrictions. Made with Rosé sparkling wine with a dash of fresh ginger, it was extremely refreshing with a slight zing to it. The sugar-free version was much better in my opinion as it allowed the other flavors to shine through.

Asia Kitchen
Pearl String


The Tuna Nigiri was extremely fresh and was packed full of flavors. Nigiri is a type of sushi made of thin slices of raw fish over pressed vinegared rice and the tuna slices added a nice color balance to the dish. Served on a drizzle of spicy mayo, the overall dish presented a pretty picture. Dipping it in the accompanied soy sauce lends a wonderful saltiness to the bite. #YumYum

Asia Kitchen
Tuna Nigiri

The Blue Rice Sushi had salmon, avocado, cucumber slices and cream cheese. Being a traditional sushi, as opposed to a nigiri or a sashimi; the blue rice sushi had the fish and sliced veggies tightly rolled inside nori sheets and covered with the rice. The acidity of the vinegared rice was balanced by the creaminess of the avocados and the cream cheese while the cucumber provided some crunch and coolness. The pickled ginger, soy sauce and wasabi provide an added dimension of flavor to the dish. #DeliciousDelicious

Asia Kitchen
Blue Rice Sushi

The Red Curry Shrimp Dumplings had a real thin envelope covering the stuffing which really helped bring out all the flavors.

Asia Kitchen
Red Curry Shrimp Dumplings

The Pink Pepper Prawns was a crackling dish. A “Plain Jane” in looks, the prawns packed a wonderous punch. The perfectly cooked prawns were soft to the bite and yet retained the crunch of the coating. A very well-balanced dish. Only feedback – they could have used more microgreens on top, it could have added a little bit of freshness to the dish. #HighlyRecommended

Asia Kitchen
Pink Pepper Prawns


The mains served to us at the soiree was a myriad variety of dishes covering vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian from the South East Asian region.

The Water Chestnut, Corn & Potatoes in Roasted Chili Sauce and the Spiced Chicken with Roasted Garlic went well with the Steamed Jasmine Rice and the Edamame Red Rice although I personally found the chili levels in both dishes to be on the lower side. Loved the bite of the water chestnut which complemented the softness of the corn and potatoes while the chicken chunks were cooked to perfection.

Considering my dietary restrictions, I could only sample a bite or two of these dishes however I fell in love with the Japanese Wheat Noodles. As is evident from the name, made from whole wheat, these are decidedly healthier than the usual noodles made with all-purpose flour or maida. Thin noodles tossed with juliennes of bell peppers and other veggies, this was one healthy yet delicious portion. Who says healthy food can’t be delicious? #YumYum #HighyRecommended

Asia Kitchen

However, the showstopper of the evening was undoubtedly the Steamed Pomfret in Japanese Miso Chili Sauce. An entire pomfret [yes, an entire freakin’ fish] basted and cooked in miso chili sauce and served whole in a bed of the same. The fish was perfectly cooked, and the tender white meat went well with the jasmine rice with a drizzle of the miso chili sauce for some moisture. You’re likely to choke on the tiny bones so need to exercise some caution there.

Asia Kitchen
Steamed Pomfret in Japanese Miso Chili Sauce

As the evening progressed, the music got increasingly loud for my preference while the service just couldn’t keep up with the orders flowing in from every table. While the volume is more of a personal preference, I believe a setting like Asia Kitchen would do better with lower decibel levels to enable dinnertime table conversations.

From an array of beverages and appetizers such as Sushi Rolls and Dim sums to authentic Burmese Khow Suey, Thai Curries & Nasi Goreng, Asia Kitchen will leave you asking for some more and then even more. After having served successfully in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru & Chennai, Asia Kitchen by Mainland China has opened its doors on 1st December in Pune at Dhole Patil Road.


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