A Meat-Lover’s Breakfast at Arbour Kitchen & Drinks

Arbour Kitchen & Drinks have already established themselves as a name to be reckoned with, serving some amazing food in a gorgeous setting.

Nestled in the by-lanes of Kalyani Nagar, brimming with greenery and nature, it feels more like the restaurant has been developed around the trees and not vice versa. Having embraced nature, Arbour has done wonders with their outdoor ambiance, offering their patrons a close-to-nature culinary experience.


Arbour recently started their new breakfast menu which is a meat-lover’s dream come true.

A staple in New York, the bagel normally has a cream cheese stuffing. Arbour has upped the meat ante with their take on the NY classic – New York’s Bacon & Cheese Bagel – by adding bacon to the mix. Crispy bacon strips with soft sautéed spinach and cheese goes very well with the moist bagel sprinkled with sesame seeds. And the sunny side egg on top only adds to the flavor profile. One of the best bagels I have had in recent memory. #HighlyRecommended

New York’s Bacon & Cheese Bagel

The Irish Corned Beef Benedict is their chef’s twist to the popular Saint Patrick’s Day dish by adding corned beef to it. While the dish was cooked perfectly, the spiced hollandaise sauce lacked seasoning.

Irish Corned Beef Benedict

Arbour’s Full English Breakfast was a standard offering with two eggs done anyway [I opted for sunny side up], grilled chicken sausage, slow roasted tomato, masala beans, roasted mushrooms, bacon and toast. While the tomato and mushrooms retained some juiciness, the bacon was crisp to the bite. Unfortunately, the chicken sausage was overcooked. Overall, a good combination of flavors though.

Full English Breakfast

The Spiced Salami & Oyster Mushrooms Eggs Benedict had the salami and mushrooms laid out on bread with a poached egg on top and the hollandaise sauce served separately. Chef Tushar used focaccia bread on the base which had a wonderful texture and allowed the flavors of the toppings to shine through. #DeliciousDelicious

Spiced Salami & Oyster Mushrooms Eggs Benedict

The Turkish Eggs was served on a Turkish flat bread with hung curd, aubergine, and soft poached eggs on top and drizzled with chili oil. The aubergine was soft and did not go well with the other ingredients while the chili oil failed to make its presence felt.

Turkish Eggs

Desserts are the best way to close any meal and Arbour entices you with their Caramel French Toast, with dark chocolate drizzle and Chantilly cream. The Chantilly cream provides a lovely richness to the dish however the dark chocolate could’ve been a little more bitter to cut the sweetness of the caramel. However that would be nitpicking to find fault as everything on the plate worked perfectly with each other. An absolute bomb of a dessert. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Caramel French Toast

Getting an all-round culinary experience – right from a conducive ambiance to good food to efficient service – is something every customer expects from their dining adventures and Arbour impresses and delivers on all fronts.


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