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Wicked China is a new entrant on the Pune culinary landscape and comes from the stables of the Goenka Group. With a wicked funny décor, Wicked China attempts to introduce you to some amazing shy-knees cuisine and gives you some quick and fun lessons in Chinese as well, all thanks to their punny coasters.

Wicked China
The facade
Wicked China
Outdoor Seating
Wicked China
Wicked China
The interiors
Wicked China
Wicked China
This always cracks me up!
Wicked China
Learn Chinese in 5 Seconds

Recently I was invited to this interesting place for a food tasting and post assurance from the PR about catering to my dietary restrictions, I was happy to cover this place from a #DietFriendly perspective.

Since I am following a no-sugar, no-gluten, no-vegetable oil diet; I am rather encouraged to incorporate butter or ghee [clarified butter] in my diet. However minimal usage of vegetable oil in sauté-ing or air frying is acceptable.

Signature Cocktails

Made with Vanilla Vodka, Triple Sec, and Passion Fruit Puree, my custom-made sugar-free Gwelio Martini sported a lovely sourish taste. In fact, the sugar-free version tasted so good and was so well appreciated, the PR decided to recommend to the restaurant to serve that as default. #DeliciousDelicious

Wicked China
Gwelio Martini [Rs. 395]

Chinese Nibbles

The Spicy Edamame was exactly that. Steamed edamame pods tossed in a lovely spicy mix. Despite the spice making its presence felt down the throat, I simply could not stop eating it. #YumYum

Wicked China
Spicy Edamame [240]

Steamed Dim Sums

The Three Styled Mushroom Dumplings with Truffle Oil was made using wheat starch envelope. Stuffed with Shitake, oyster and button mushrooms, it was absolutely packed with flavors. I loved the porcini mushroom cream on the bottom as well. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Wicked China
Three Styled Mushroom Dumplings with Truffle Oil [Rs. 270]

The Pumpkin and Bamboo Shoot Dumplings was another winner for me. Gorgeous flavors overall, I particularly loved the tenderness of the bamboo shoots. The proportion of pumpkin to bamboo shoots too was on point, with neither overpowering the other. #DeliciousDelicious

Wicked China
Pumpkin and Bamboo Shoot Dumplings [Rs. 270]

Vegetarian Mains

Stir-fried Vegetables in Oyster Sauce is a diet conscious’ dream dish. Healthy veggies tossed and stir-fried using minimal oil in a wok and blended in oyster sauce. A lovely preparation that does well with noodles as well as rice.

Wicked China
Stir-fried Vegetables in Oyster Sauce [Rs. 325]

Chicken and Lamb Mains and Curries

Wicked China

The Sichuan Chicken [Rs. 425] is a deep-fried dish, however the chef was kind enough to sauté one for me. Generous amount of sauce with a strong garlic overtone, it complemented the tender chicken chunks. Best had with steamed or jasmine rice.

Thai Chicken Red Curry [Rs. 430] with Steamed Jasmine Rice [Rs. 275] is another wonderful combination that titillates the taste buds of the discerning customer. The flowery aroma of the rice complements the smells wafting from the curry. The chicken red curry at Wicked China was real wicked good. The warm semi-spicy broth has a wholesome feeling to it. #SoulFood

The XO Noodles [Rs. 475] is a dish that’s based around one delicious ingredient, XO sauce, a spicy seafood sauce from Hong Kong, containing dried scallop, shrimp, fish, chili, garlic and oil. A wonderful dish here, this can be a light meal in and by itself. Unfortunately, the smell of all the dried seafood in the sauce put me off personally.

Wicked China
Wicked picture

Wicked China promises to be wicked good even for the ones mindful of their nourishment, with a tweak here and a customization there. With extremely accommodating bartender and chef, Wicked China goes to great lengths to make every customer feel at ease.

A big shout out to Sasha and Damini for inviting us and Team Wicked China for hosting us. And thank you for the wickedly awesome coasters as a takeaway gift.


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same.

The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarized it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.

All rights reserved.

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