White Owl Social at Mineority by Saby

White Owl is a pint-sized company that landed up in Pune nearly two years ago. With a singular aim of creating and sharing top-notch, locally-handcrafted beer; White Owl recently hosted their first ever #WhiteOwlSocial at Mineority by Saby pairing their hand-crafted brews with delicious bites from Mineority.

White Owl Beer claims that they use only the best of natural ingredients in making beer and allow it to ferment and age naturally, which are two important distinctions between a premium craft beer and its lower-cost mass-produced counterparts.

No matter which beer you choose, the attractive and inviting wide-mouthed jars are perfect to take in the aroma of each unique brew.

White Owl

Diablo, their Irish Red Ale, is very pleasing on the palate. There was a mild roasted caramel flavor with a slight bitterness which would go well with light and cheese-based dishes while the Ace, a French Apple Cider with mild apple and Champagne flavors would be a perfect companion to meat and seafood dishes.

White Owl

Connoisseurs could either opt for a contrasting pairing [dark beer with white food or vice versa] or similar color pairing. I personally prefer the contrasting pairing as that opens up many complex flavor pairings.

The Kalimpong Chili Cheese Roll with a spicy kalimpong cheese stuffing paired well with the Diablo as the dark roasted flavors of the beer complement the cheesy, acidic bite of the kalimpong. The Spinach and Corn Quiche too is a wonderful complement to the Diablo.

White Owl
Kalimpong Chili Cheese Roll [Rs. 295] with Diablo
White Owl
Spinach and Corn Quiche [Rs. 255] with Diablo

Both the Signature Black Chicken Chunks and the Tribal Fish Fingers had a deep and mystic look to the dish and the Ace provides a wonderful brightness to the dishes – looks wise as well as flavor-wise.

White Owl
Signature Black Chicken Chunks [Rs. 495] with Ace
White Owl
Tribal Fish Fingers [Rs. 395] with Ace

Chicken Biryani is a quintessential and uber-popular one-pot meal with intricate flavors of its own which go very well with both the dark Diablo as well as the bubbly Ace.

White Owl
Chicken Biryani with Diablo and Ace

The beer games arranged for the meet added a wonderful and laid-back feel to the place. Beer Pong and Beer Cup Flip certainly gave us additional opportunities to indulge in the craft beers.

White Owl
Beer Pong
Beer Cup Flip

An afternoon of wonderful beers and delicious grub with a whole lot of beer games is how I envisage a perfect day.

White Owl

A big shout out to Damini for inviting us and Team White Owl and Mineority for hosting us.


I was invited for a complimentary beer and food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same.

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