Tipsy Tub Ice Creams – Sheer Orgasm

Priyanka and Lovely Sachdev’s labor of love – ‘Tipsy Tub’ has finally hit the Pune culinary scenes with some amazing boozy ice creams. With the experience of 11 East Street Café, 11 East Street Bar, Zora, Sheetal Arch, Tim Luck and Sheetal Banquets behind them, these lovely ladies [pun unintended] have certainly set everyone’s hearts racing and expectations soaring sky-high.

Currently, they have a total of 5 flavors available in tubs of 500 ml and are priced at Rs. 500 a tub, except the Memory Monster which is priced at Rs. 600 a tub.

  1. The Denial Drunk – Chocolate Truffle with Dark Rum
  2. The Memory Monster – Coconut with Malibu
  3. The Lover – Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel with Baileys
  4. The Cookie Thief – Cookies & Cream with Chocolate Liqueur
  5. The Party Starter – Red Velvet with Cream Cheese & Vodka

I had the honor of trying a couple of their ice creams when Priyanka sent over some samplers to taste.

Tipsy Tub
The sample tubs

The flavors have some real quirky names which only adds to the fun quotient of opening and devouring potent alcoholic ice creams. Talk about guilty pleasures!!

The Party Starter is a red velvet and cream cheese ice cream made with vodka. Certainly a unique ice cream by itself, the addition of vodka was sheer brilliance. While I am not a red velvet fan, this particular ice cream has certainly made me receptive to it. #LetsGetThisPartyStarted

Tipsy Tub
Tipsy Tub
The Party Starter

The Lover is a chocolate chip, salted caramel ice cream blended with Bailey’s. This stuff is what orgasms must be made of. A perfect blend of sweet chocolate chip, salted caramel and the potent Bailey’s Irish Cream. And an extremely apt name, I wanna make love to this ice cream all night long!! #LoveAllNight

Tipsy Tub
Tipsy Tub
The Lover

The alcohol content in both ice creams was pretty potent yet Priyanka has managed to maintain the individuality of both – the alcohol and the ice cream, without either overpowering the other.

While the prices may seem a little steep, considering the quality of ingredients used and the size of the tub offered, it’s still value for money. Only feedback, if they can manage smaller quantity tubs, it would be far more convenient for first timers to see if they like boozy ice creams and also for people to order more flavors at the same time.

A big shout out to Priyanka for sending over the Tipsy Tub ice creams.


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