The Tipsy Duckling – Time to get tipsy!

From the people who gave us an ugly duckling, comes another naughty waterfowl – The Tipsy Duckling.

A spacious eatery in the heart of Kothrud [or K-Town, as its more popularly known], the Tipsy Duckling has comfortable indoor and outdoor seating to suit the weather and your mood. One of the rare places in this side of town to pour craft beers, Tipsy also serves a wide range of delectable fares ranging from Continental to South East Asian to fusion.

Tipsy Duckling
The bar and the quirky ambiance

Recently I was called over to sample some of their popular dishes and here is the rundown of my experience.

After sampling beers from all the breweries that Tipsy pours [Kimaya, Yavasura and Ninkasi], I opted for Kimaya’s Vanilla Porter. A fantastic beer with a subtle aroma of vanilla balancing the stout.

Tipsy Duckling
Beer Tasters
Tipsy Duckling
Kimaya’s Vanilla Porter

Considering my dietary restrictions, I requested for a drink that was sans sugar and the bartender was kind enough to whip up the NYC Duckling for me. Vodka and wine topped with pomegranate juice was a wonderful combination of flavors which ticked all the right boxes for me.

Tipsy Duckling
NYC Duckling [Rs. 250]

Small Plates

The Bacon Cheese and Fries were delicious with the fatty goodness of the bacon complementing the cheese and crispy fries. #DeliciousDelicious

Tipsy Duckling
Bacon Cheese and Fries [Rs. 385]

However, the Rawa Fried Fish Fingers were over salted and the Smoked BBQ Chicken Wings felt a tad dry to me.

Tipsy Duckling
Rawa Fried Fish Fingers [Rs. 500]
Tipsy Duckling
Smoked BBQ Chicken Wings [Rs. 260]

The Earthy Oven

The Chicken Thecha Kebab had the perfect spiciness that’s expected from a thecha kebab. #zanzanit is the most apt way to describe this dish. #YumYum

Tipsy Duckling
Chicken Thecha Kebab [Rs. 260]

Innovation & Chat

The Tipsy Duckling has also innovated some dishes to infuse some uniqueness into the otherwise popular but mundane options. The Chicken Kheema Pani Puri and the Chicken Kheema Sev Puri both sported some unique flavors however the pandhra rassa of the pani puri tasted more like Thai white curry with a strong coconut milk undertone. However, the softness of the kheema went well with the crunch of the puris.

Tipsy Duckling
Chicken Kheema Pani Puri [Rs. 200]
Tipsy Duckling
Chicken Kheema Sev Puri [Rs. 120]

Pizzas and Sandwiches

The Butter Chicken Flat Bread had a lovely crispy thin base however could do with more of the butter chicken gravy on top. On the other hand, the BLT Sandwich was perfectly on-point, packed full of flavors. #YumYum

Tipsy Duckling
Butter Chicken Flat Bread [Rs. 330]
Tipsy Duckling
BLT Sandwich [Rs. 320]

Indian Roots

The Mutton Kheema Pav was a complete downer. Far less quantity for the price quoted, the mutton too felt a little off.

Tipsy Duckling
Mutton Kheema Pav [Rs. 320]

International Delicacies

The Khow Suey served here has a bit of a twist. The addition of crunchy noodles on top of the dish elevated the dish to a different level, in my opinion. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Tipsy Duckling
Khow Suey [Rs. 360]

With The Tipsy Duckling, Kothrud has finally found the perfect place which combines delectable fares with craft beers, something K-Towners were thirsty for, for a long time.


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