The Bar Stock Exchange – Where Food Trumps Drinks

Every once in a while, there comes a place that touts itself as a bar but ends up being so much more than that. The Bar Stock Exchange is one such place.

A nouveau bar concept chain that will keep you at the edge of your seat, the Bar Stock Exchange conceptualized on the lines of our infamous stock exchanges; is a fun, unique and cutting-edge bar concept that allows customers to trade in alcohol and spirits, with prices starting from as low as MRP.

The Bar Stock Exchange recently launched their outlet at Balewadi with ‘Gangster’ themed interiors, with apt wall art and artefacts to lend authenticity. While the vibes of the place are infectious, the place may get a bit loud in the evenings with a DJ spinning chart-busters to keep the crowd engaged.

Bar Stock Exchange
Bar Stock Exchange
Bar Stock Exchange
Bar Stock Exchange
The Ambiance

When I received an invitation to their exclusive bloggers lunch, I went with the mindset of visiting yet another bar which may be innovative with their drinks but pedestrian with their food, as is the case most of the times. But Executive Chef Kshama Prabhu seems hell bent on changing [and correcting] this mindset with an exhaustive F&B menu offering global favorites, including Asian, Lebanon, European, Indian and more.


Considering my no-sugar rule, I opted for an “Old Fashioned” sans any sugar. Having tasted this version, I am now wondering why the sugar-free version isn’t a permanent fixture on the menu. The bitterness of the Angostura bitters is cleverly cut by the citrus rind which allows the potency of the whisky to shine through. #DeliciousDelicious

Bar Stock Exchange
Old Fashioned

Vegetarian Starters

Be it the Mazzedar Maggi with Thai red chili or the Crispy Corn with Bird Eye Chili, the chili component made its presence felt rather emphatically yet never went over the top killing all other flavors. Some fantastic flavors which lend themselves to a bout of drinks very well. In fact, such dishes have a symbiotic relationship of sorts with the drinks, with both feeding off of each other.

Bar Stock Exchange
Mazzedar Maggi [Rs. 200]
Bar Stock Exchange
Crispy Corn with Bird Eye Chili [Rs. 220]

Non-Vegetarian Starters

While the calamari were cooked perfectly, the Calamari Thecha felt like a bit of a letdown as I could not fathom the heat that’s associated with thecha, in the dish. The chef did confirm they reduced it based on people’s feedback however in my opinion, it isn’t a thecha dish if you do not feel the heat at the back of your throat and your eyes watering from the spiciness of assal Marathi thecha. The thecha itself was freshly made with crushed chilies [I asked for it separately] and gave me those reactions I was expecting when I tried it. I’d recommend amping up amount of thecha in the dish to justify being called a thecha dish and using a squeeze of lemon to balance it.

Bar Stock Exchange
Calamari Thecha [Rs. 330]

The Anda Tawa Fry was yet another dish that complemented the drinks. Perfect proportion of masala to the boiled eggs, this is an apt dish to go with your chilled beers. #YumYum

Bar Stock Exchange
Anda Tawa Fry [Rs. 225]

The Malvani Chicken Misal Pav Fondue is the biggest compliment to a bar when you forget to drink and hog on a dish that’s breaking all conventions of how a dish is supposed to be. Shredded chicken cooked in malvani gravy and mixed with the matki, farsan and tarri and topped with molten cheese were flavors unimaginable together yet made possible by Chef Kshama. It. Was. That. Good. #InsanelyDelicious #AbsolutelyRecommended

Bar Stock Exchange
Malvani Chicken Misal Pav Fondue

Tandoori Non-Veg Starters

Reminiscent of the Dubai Frame, the Lemon Chicken, Murgh ka Sula and Cheese Garlic Jhinga skewers hanging from a frame presented a pretty picture. While both chicken preparations were good, the prawns stole the show with the unique flavor combination of cheese and garlic with the perfectly cooked seafood.

Bar Stock Exchange
 Lemon Chicken [Rs. 330], Murgh ka Sula [Rs. 330] and Cheese Garlic Jhinga [Rs. 410]

Not A Round Pizza

With a view of serving dishes differently, the pizzas here are rectangular which does lend a bit of convenience while picking up a piece with a drink in the other hand. Both the Meat Lovers and Crispy Corn and Chili Pizza had a sweetish tinge thanks to the BBQ sauce in the meat lovers and corn in the veg. pizza. However, for the size served to us, I felt them overpriced.

Bar Stock Exchange
Crispy Corn and Chili Pizza [Rs. 330] and Meat Lovers [Rs. 375]

While the Bar Stock Exchange is primarily a bar with some kick-ass deals on drinks, the genius that is Chef Kshama, makes you want to visit the place for its food, making drinks a distinct second.

Bar Stock Exchange
Foodie hai hum!

A big shout out to Kinjal for inviting us and Executive Chef Kshama, Amit (Franchise owner), Jason (Operations Manager) and Team Bar Stock Exchange for hosting us.

The Bar Stock Exchange is located at Balewadi.


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same.

The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarized it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.

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