Sweet Surrender by Tanya

Sweet Surrender by Tanya is a sweet endeavor by home baker Tanya Gupta who specializes in dessert jars.

Recently Tanya reached out to me for a #SampleTasting of some of her new line of frozen dessert jars and considering my diet restrictions, readily agreed to take up the challenge of preparing the desserts without any sugar or artificial sweeteners, instead opting to use alternate sweeteners like honey, maple syrup and coconut palm sugar.

The frozen treats were delivered on time by Tanya herself with clear instructions on keeping them frozen till 15-20 mins before you consume them. The frozen treats were delivered in cute little jars with the flavor mentioned clearly on a tag around its neck. Considering the alternate sweeteners used, Tanya also mentioned the same on the tag, something that was appreciated by everyone at home.

The Bitter Caramel Apple Pie with honey had small chunks of cooked apples which enhanced the feeling of actually having a baked apple pie, albeit at a colder temperature; while the Chocolate Hazelnut with maple syrup sported some delicious flavors. Being a fan of anything chocolatey, this one ticked all the right boxes for me. Not overly sweet, the chunks of hazelnut provided the necessary crunch to the dessert. #YumYum

Sweet Surrender
Bitter Caramel Apple Pie
Sweet Surrender
Chocolate Hazelnut

The Dhokla Deconstructed was a mix of sweet and savory and the taste of the chana dal was very evident in the dessert. Biting into it did remind you of the ever-popular snack, and it was a good attempt at dessertizing a savory dish. An acquired taste, this one.

Sweet Surrender
Dhokla Deconstructed

The Strawberry Cheesecake was sweetened using maple syrup yet managed to hold its flavors intact. A lovely frozen form of the cheesecake. #YumYum

Sweet Surrender
Strawberry Cheesecake

The Neapolitan with coconut palm sugar had strong flavors of the banana and coconut and sported a chocolatey color. A good choice for someone who likes this flavor combination.

Sweet Surrender
The Neapolitan

However, the star of the evening, for me, was the Tiramisu made with maple syrup. Just the right amount of syrup to impart sweetness, the tiramisu flavors shone like a shining star. I personally recommend letting it melt a little more for a runnier consistency, like a thick shake. #HighlyRecommended

Sweet Surrender

Tanya seems to have gotten the formula right for creating frozen treats of desserts which are more popular in their traditional form. This increases the mobility of the desserts as well as the shelf-life.

You may reach out to her on +919711855463 to know more and to place your orders.


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