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One of Pune’s first and, now iconic microbreweries, TJ’s Brew Works celebrated its 5th year, this July. As part of their relaunch, TJ’s has tied up with partner Girish Monie of Nudo Pizzeria to pursue their passions of healthy food choices in life.

The microbrewery now has a new look with a new color palette that gives a fresh feeling with greenery and freshness to the ambiance, a larger outdoor seating that has helped achieve a more open and expansive view while the indoor seating has reduced enclosures.

The new look of the place

New Brews

The two new additions to the existing portfolio of brews are the TJ’s Quin B and TJ’s Buck B, made from super seeds Quinoa and Buckwheat respectively.

TJ’s Quin B and TJ’s Buck B

The Quin B is a refreshing, pale yellow, full-bodied beer with a balanced roasted quinoa and hops aroma with hints of clove and banana flavor. Very smooth beer with a slight head on top. The Buck B on the other hand, is a hazy yellow lager with a pronounced nutty, biscuit flavor and a dense, long-lasting head. Made with 85% buckwheat and 15% barley, this is light on the tongue and had a slight bitter aftertaste.


The Beer Cheese Soup had gruyere cheese chunks in the beer infused soup. An extremely scrumptious soup, this was polished off within minutes. #HighlyRecommended

Beer Cheese Soup


The Russian Olivie Salad looked gorgeous and was a perfect amalgamation of the different flavors.

Russian Olivie Salad

Spent Grain Appetizers

The new Spent Grain menu at TJ’s Brew Works was a result of the constant endeavor to make healthy choices. Spent grain is the residue left over after the liquid is extracted from the malt during the brewing process. This residue is very healthy, super rich in protein, fiber content and a lot of macronutrients.

The Dark Malt Baos had two variants – Teriyaki Chicken and Chili Tofu. These were baos made from dark malt used to make brews. Served 4 to a plate, these were juicy pockets of flavors.

Chili Tofu Dark Malt Baos
Teriyaki Chicken Dark Malt Baos

The Spent Grain Pelmeni is a healthy spin on a native Russian dish and TJ’s has diligently incorporated this in their dishes. Again, these were served in two options – Spinach & Ricotta and Chicken. Both were picture perfect to look at. For the uninitiated, pelmeni are dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough. Unfortunately both wrappings were a little too thick and felt oily. But taking nothing away from the taste, the in-house ricotta took the taste to another level; lovely texture of the grainy cheese against the soft pelmeni cover.

Spent Grain Pelmenis – Spinach & Ricotta and Chicken

Main Course

The Mediterranean Lamb and Cottage Cheese Mini Burgers came with near-perfect patties. The melt-in-mouth mutton patty was just too yummy while the crispy coating on the paneer patty complemented the soft bun.

Mediterranean Lamb Mini Burger
Cottage Cheese Mini Burger

Having tried the Spent Wraps in Crispy Mushroom and Lamb Seekh and the Spinach Wraps in Paneer Bhuna and Turkey Club variants, I found the paneer wrap to be a little dry – a little more sauce would’ve worked wonders IMHO. The Turkey, Lamb and Mushroom wraps were as juicy and moist as expected. Personally I loved the turkey and mushroom flavors. #YumYum

Crispy Mushroom and Lamb Seekh Spent Wraps
Paneer Bhuna and Turkey Club Spinach Wraps

Nudo Pizzas

Another food revolution at TJ’s Brew Works is the introduction of gluten free, grain free and guilt-free pizzas by Nudo Pizzeria Al Naturale, the brainchild of Girish Monie. Nudo pizzas are made with interesting super foods in their Crusts; Almond, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Amaranth and Water chestnut and Cauliflower and Whey Protein.

Pizzas in the making

Maintaining the focus on their super seed bases, Girish has intelligently kept the toppings to a minimum, instead choosing to highlight the base while also ensuring a perfect combination of the base with the toppings.

The Farm Veg was served with Buckwheat base while the Not Guilty was made with Amaranth and Water Chestnut base. While super packed with nutrients, the buckwheat felt a little heavy on the palate. On the other hand, the amaranth and water chestnut was a revelation.

Farm Veg with Buckwheat base
Not Guilty with Amaranth and Water Chestnut base

The Margharita with Quinoa base was a perfect combination. The basic cheese and basil toppings highlighted the quinoa base to the hilt.

Margharita with Quinoa base

But my personal favorite were the Pepperoni with Almond base and the Buck Naked with Cauliflower and Whey Protein base. Using almost 200g of almond per base, the pepperoni pizza was packed with nutrients to the rafters and had a wonderful taste as well. The cauliflower and whey protein is also a good option, full of proteins. #DeliciousDelicious

Pepperoni with Almond base
Buck Naked with Cauliflower and Whey Protein base


The Caramalt Cookie Sandwich was served with the Nudo Grain Free Brownie. Made with 90% cacao, single origin Panamanian chocolate, the cookie had an almond flour as base. #TasteBhiHealthBhi

Caramalt Cookie Sandwich with Nudo Grain Free Brownie

But the Vegan Masala Pan Kulfi was undoubtedly the showstopper of the evening. Beautifully presented, it was just as delicious. The hidden gulkand [rose petal preserve] in the rolled-up pan was a delicious surprise. #YumYum

Vegan Masala Pan Kulfi

Speaking on Nudo Pizza, Girish Monie says, “NUDO lies skin deep. Nudo is a way of life imbibed into a culinary innovation. It roots for foods with innate goodness, stripped of any artificiality whatsoever. We have foregone grains in a bid to make it completely Gluten-Free. Nudo is all about Whole Foods, Real Foods, Super Foods.”

Speaking on celebrating 5 years and the new collaboration, TJ Venkateshwaran says “This combined effort as it is obvious to us now, can thrive and can potentially conquer more bastions in the culinary domain. There seems to be a sacred/divine underlying purpose too – To Heal while the people indulge in eating and drinking. That satisfaction is hard to translate in words, but enough to just bask in the sunshine of that good feeling! Our Business is our CSR activity!

With Girish in the kitchen and TJ in the brewery, TJ’s Brew Works is all set to bring in a new era with a new look, new brews, new menu and a new vibe as it turns five.


TJ’s Brew Works is located at Amanora Mall.

A big shout out to Svetlana for inviting us and Manasi, Girish, TJ and Team TJ’s for hosting us.


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same.

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