Pyjama Sundays at The Urban Foundry

So how do you imagine your dream weekend to be? Lazing around on Sundays in your PJs (that’s short for pyjamas, for the uninitiated) with nary a care? If that’s your idea of a perfect Sunday, read on.

The Urban Foundry has recently launched their Pyjama Sundays, a Sunday brunch with a difference. Encouraging people to come in their PJs, or basically anything comfortable; TUF offers a lavish spread of delicious delicacies and chilled chugs to make your Sundays perfect.

Pyjama Sundays
The lit ambiance

TUF offers unlimited cocktails and wines at Rs. 599++ while the food is to be ordered a la carte as part of their Pyjama Sunday Brunch.

Pyjama Sundays
Pyjama Sundays

The Pyjama Sundays is hosted in association with Sula Wines and they have their entire bevy of wines available at the brunch. I sampled all three types of their wines on offer – the Sula Chenin Blanc Reserve [White], the Sula Dindori Shiraz [Red] and the Sula Brut Tropicale, their sparkling wine.

Pyjama Sundays
Pyjama Sundays
Sula Wines

A fraction of the Sula Chenin Blanc Reserve is barrel aged in French oak adding to its texture and appeal. Layered aromas of honey and melon lead to a myriad complex flavors on the palate, and a fresh and racy finish. The Chenin Blanc Reserve is a wonderfully textured wine that can be matched with grilled fish preparations and creamy vegetable curries.

The Sula Dindori Shiraz is a full flavored shiraz, dark purple in color, with pronounced aromas of red cherries, sweet spices and peppers. Goes perfectly well with grilled meats especially lamb but also delicious with hard cheese.

Bottle aged on its lees for 18 months, the Sula Brut Tropicale is a beautiful pale-coral bubbly bursts of passion fruit and peachy aromas, with a prolonged finish of red berries on the palate. Goes well with curries, barbeque tandoori preparations and creamy cheeses like Brie and Camembert.

Apart from the wines, I also tried a couple of cocktails from the vast TUF menu.

The Whisky Sour was ordered without sugar and it was perfectly made. Just the right proportion of whisky to the mixers with the added texture of egg whites. #YumYum

Pyjama Sundays
Whisky Sour

A Mimosa is composed of one part champagne and one part chilled citrus juice, usually orange juice and is traditionally served in a tall champagne flute. TUF uses the Sula Brut Tropicale to add the sparkle to the drink. This is an apt drink for a Sunday brunch, especially one as laidback as the Pyjama Sunday as it adds a touch of class to the relax.

Pyjama Sundays

From the Breakfast Menu, we tried the Bourbon Benedict. It was the regular eggs benedict however with a splash and dash of bourbon in the sauce. Unfortunately, the egg wasn’t runny enough and the bacon strips were a tad chewy. The sauce poured around the eggs in the dish had a strong taste of bourbon which went well with the eggs.

Pyjama Sundays
Bourbon Benedict

The सागwala Prawn Dumplings were wrapped in spinach and topped with chili garlic sauce. The prawns were perfectly cooked and retained their juiciness. #YumYum

Pyjama Sundays
सागwala Prawn Dumplings

As we were already stuffed by this time, we opted to order just the Chicken Ghee Roast with Naan between the two of us. My olfactory senses immediately intimated me to the imminent arrival of the dish on the table thanks to the amazing aromas wafting from it. Cooked perfectly, the chicken was moist and tender and packed full of flavors. One of the better preparations of this dish I have had in recent times. #DeliciousDelicious

Pyjama Sundays
Chicken Ghee Roast with Naan

A big shout out to Pooja for inviting us and Team Urban Foundry for hosting us.

Pyjama Sundays
Happy us!

The Urban Foundry is located at Kalyani Nagar and Balewadi. The Pyjama Sundays are held at their Kalyani Nagar outlet.


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