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“Rasarang Meetha Paan” is the brainchild of Radha & Rahul Mhaske of Monsoon Agro Bio. Pvt. Ltd. Pune who recently launched their exclusive store of Frozen Paan on Salunkhe Vihar Road, Wanowrie.

Being in frozen sweet corn industry over two decades and having the background of ethnic food, thus evolved “Rasarang Frozen Meetha Paan” which is a pure herbal product based on Ayurvedic ingredients. This Meetha Paan in “Frozen Vacuum Packed” form is introduced first time in India to the palates of Punekars, to begin with.

Paan Paan
The vacuum sealed packaging

In Indian culture, Beeda or Tambool (Betel Leaf) commonly known as Paan, symbolizes auspicious beginnings. Beeda is treated as royal gesture and is offered as a token of alliances, friendships and invitations. As per Ayurveda, our food contains 6 (Six) primary juices/fluids called rasa – pungent, sweet, sour, salty, bitter and astringent.

Ancient literature emphasis the fact that, Beeda enhanced the beauty of Radha & Mastani by adding cosmetic value to their lips.

I recently received a friendship pack for tasting and I was impressed with the first impression – the packaging. Sealed in vacuum, the packet / box can be kept in the freezer for a year without going bad.

Very nicely and tightly wrapped paan with generous quantities of stuffing inside, the flavors cause a riot in your mouth. The acidic bite of the betel leaf and kattha is balanced by the sweetness of the gulkand and thandak while the taste of the sunth was very evident throughout the paan.

The frozen paan

Made with Betel Leaf, Kattha, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Coconut, Javitri, Lime, Sunth, Jesthamadh, Gulkand, Dhana Dal, Camphor, Pimpali, Kankol, and Thandak, it is free from artificial flavors and colors and has its own health benefits and long gestation.

Paan has traditionally been an after-meal palate cleanser as well as helps in aiding digestion. And with the frozen paan in a vacuum sealed box, Rasarang Meetha Paan is sure to find a permanent place in everyone’s freezers.

A big shout out to Smruti for sending the paan box.


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