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The name ‘3point14’ is a clever take on two concepts that are known to entice regular humans as well as math geeks. While meat pie and apple pie are known to induce food coma in people, the mathematic symbol π is a representation of the irrational number “22/7” or 3.14159. In short, 3.14. ?

Armed with culinary knowledge from Australia, Pie Man Angad Marwah decided to bring the humble pie to Pune incorporating a few Indian flavors while keeping the international favorites intact. A delivery kitchen in Bund Garden area, 3point14 have recently tied up with Dial-A-Meal to deliver their wonderful pies all over town.

Recently Angad reached out to me to try out a few of his signature pies and it didn’t take a math genius to accept the offer.

The pies are available in 4 sizes – party pies, snack pies, meal pies and family pies. Party pies are open pies with 20-25 g of filling [approx. one to two bites per pie, ideal as running appetizers for parties], snack pies have 80 g of filling [perfect for tea time], meal pies are perfect for 1-2 hungry people with 190-200 g of filling [ideal for a meal] while the family pies have 600 g of filling that sufficient to feed a family with average appetite.

All packaged neatly

Savory Pies

The Veg Pot Pie had a delicious filling coated in a little gravy to ensure it doesn’t go dry while the Spinach, Shrooms and Corn Pie had good proportions of the mushrooms and corn mixed with the spinach. Since I am not a big spinach [or Popeye] fan, I wasn’t too taken by it. The Chipotle Mushrooms had a lovely blend of earthiness from the mushrooms and the spicy hit from the chipotle sauce.

Veg Pot Pie, Spinach, Shrooms and Corn Pie and Chipotle Mushrooms

The Paneer Tikka Masala Pie was smack-down delicious and had the entire family fighting for a piece of the pie [literally and figuratively]! #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Paneer Tikka Masala Pie

The Mashed Potato Pie was an incredible amalgamation of flavors. Absolutely loved the contrasting texture of silken smooth potato mash with the crust. The 3point14 Chaat Pie seems like an innovative creation from the Pie Man himself. Stuffed with the regular chaat fillings, the pie is garnished with yogurt and shev for the typical chaat feel. It’s a good alternative to break the monotony of flavors of savory or sweet pies. #DeliciousDelicious

Mashed Potato Pie and 3point14 Chaat Pie

Dessert Pies

Pies in general and dessert pies in particular, have somehow come to be synonymous with the Apple Pie. While there is a plethora of options in dessert pies now, the Apple Pie still reigns supreme. Unfortunately, the Apple Pie that 3point14 delivered didn’t deliver on the taste. The apple slices weren’t cooked through enough and the expected taste just wasn’t there. #Disappointed

The Banoffee Pie was well baked with a good balance of banana and coffee flavors. While some of my family members loved it, I felt it a tad too sweet for my palate.

However, the star of the evening for me was undoubtedly the Dark Chocolate Pie. Just the right balance of sweet and bitter thanks to the dark chocolate; the texture and gooeyness too, were on point. #DeliciousDelicious #HighlyRecommended

Apple Pie, Banoffee Pie and Dark Chocolate Pie

The Party Pies range from Rs. 20-30 / Rs. 30-45 [V / NV] per piece, Snack Pies range from Rs. 80-120 / Rs. 120-180 [V / NV] per piece, Meal Pies range from Rs. 160-240 / Rs. 240-360 [V / NV] per piece and Family Pies range from Rs. 560-840 / Rs. 840-1260 [V / NV] per piece. Snack Pie and Meal Pie are available on all ordering platforms while the Party Pie and Family Pie need a 24-hour notice for order.

A big shout out to Angad for sending over the pies.

Note: The feature image has been sourced from and credited to the 3point14 Facebook page.


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