Five Fat Monks, Balewadi

Monks are not expected to speak about themselves; the message is important, not the person.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Seems this was the philosophy in mind when Abhir Khanna launched the brand of Five Fat Monks, where the focus was more on the food they offer. After having tasted splendid success in Mumbai, the Five Fat Monks are finally in Pune at two of its most happening suburbs.

At Five Fat Monks, they are inspired by the bold flavors of Southeast Asia, drawing upon the lively street food culture – but with a twist.

The interiors at the Balewali outlet, where we decided to go try the food, are extremely well done with abundant use of whites and oranges with some creative décor on the walls.

See. Hear. Smell. Feel. Taste. Ensnare all your senses!


Being on a no-sugar diet, I ordered the Fresh Lime Water Salted. Never my first choice anywhere [salted, ugh!] but well-made and overall a good drink to go with your spicy SEA dishes.

Fresh Lime Water Salted [Rs. 80]

Silky Dim Sums

From the Dim Sums menu, I tried the Steamed Chicken Dim Sums. While the chicken was well-cooked and the dim sums had a good flavor, I could find no cohesion between the wrapping and the stuffing with the stuffing actually slipping out of the covers when you try to cut into it.

Steamed Chicken Dim Sums [Rs. 255]


The Fish Chilly was a well-cooked dish but felt a little underwhelming on the palate. The Bow Wow Chili Bombay Chicken too did not impress me with its overcooked and chewy chicken.

Fish Chilly [Rs. 235]
Bow Wow Chili Bombay Chicken [Rs. 235]

On the other hand, the Wasabi Prawns and the Butter Garlic Prawns were both excellent dishes. Impressed us enough to re-order them. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Wasabi Prawns [Rs. 290]
Butter Garlic Prawns [Rs. 290]

Specials – Noodles

The Slurpy Suey is the Five Fat Monks take on the traditional Khao Suey. Extremely salty the first time over, the revised version tasted so much better. However could do with a little spice kick, maybe some more green chilies?

Slurpy Suey [Rs. 300 / Rs. 320]

Specials – Rice

The Curried Away is the Five Fat Monks rebranding of the Thai Red Curry which was served with steamed rice. Again, very salty the first time, it tasted delicious once corrected. #DeliciousDelicious

Curried Away [Rs. 300 / Rs. 320]

Dessert of the Day

The dessert on offer that day was the Coconut Pancakes. Generous quantity of the sweet desiccated coconut stuffing, it went well with the vanilla ice cream served on top. #YumYum

Coconut Pancakes [Rs. 165]

Five Fat Monks still seems to be finding its feet with some definite improvements needed however my firm belief is that like a cat, they will land on their feet. Delicious food, efficient service and a relaxed ambiance can certainly take one far.

Five Fat (and hungry) Monks at the Five Fat Monks

A big shout out to Mohini and Shishir for inviting us and Team Five Fat Monks Balewadi for hosting us.


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same.

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