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Cafe Peterdonuts has recently rebranded themselves as Cafe Peter, by dropping the donuts from their name to portray themselves as an outlet that serves much more than just donuts. Coinciding with the rebranding, the Prabhat Road Outlet has also relocated to a swankier place on Apte Road.

Cafe Peter
The facade

The place is just as vibrant and fun, with the signature theme of red and white all over however have incorporated lot more fun and quirky elements in the décor.

Cafe Peter
Cafe Peter

Having attended the glamorous launch event for Cafe Peter, visiting this place over food was always on the cards and I got such an opportunity recently, having convinced a friend to dinner outside. 😊

Since I am following a no-sugar, no-gluten, no-vegetable oil diet; I am rather encouraged to incorporate butter or ghee [clarified butter] in my diet. However minimal usage of vegetable oil in sauté-ing or air frying is allowed.

Coffee on the Rocks

The Iced Americano was at just the right temperature, not too chilled yet cold enough to justify the name. And the potency of the coffee wasn’t diluted despite the ice cubes. A perfect drink for someone avoiding sugar, and maybe milk. 😊

Cafe Peter
Iced Americano [Rs. 140]


Since I am avoiding deep-friend stuff, I only tried one piece of the Jalapeno Poppers. Loved the crunch on the outside and the molten cheddar helped cut the heat of the jalapenos. And it paired well with the accompanying dip.

Cafe Peter
Jalapeno Poppers [Rs. 219]

Breakfast – Premium Omelette

Although I am not sure why it’s called the African Omelette, the photo on the menu tempted me enough to order one. And of course, eggs are the most recommended options for the diet conscious. Minced spicy chicken stuffed in omelette served with sunny side up, hash browns, garlic bread and grilled tomato did present a good picture and the taste combination too was on point. #YumYum

Cafe Peter
African Omelette [Rs. 229]

Thin Crust Pizza

No matter how much you try to avoid pizzas thanks to all the maida, you cannot stop yourself from taking a couple of bites if you’re a ‘za lover like me. The Chicken Pepperoni Pizza at Cafe Peter did present an uneven color with some parts of the pizza darker than the others however the taste was decent. Only drawback – the base needed to be crispier, this felt as soggy and soft as a thick naan.

Cafe Peter
Chicken Pepperoni Pizza [Rs. 295]

All Day Meals

The Gochujang Roasted Steak (Rice) was a highly recommended dish at Cafe Peter and for good reason. Some lovely colors on the plate thanks to the gochujang sauce and the assorted butter fried veggies, the grilled chicken breast had a nice crispy coating which went well with the soft, cooked rice. #DeliciousDelicious

Cafe Peter
Gochujang Roasted Steak (Rice) [Rs. 319/476]

Not just another cafe that serves coffees and quick bites, Cafe Peter goes the whole hog, even incorporating South Korean cuisine on their menu apart from the Italian staples like pizzas and pastas. Offering free WiFi and peace of mind, Cafe Peter can be your next location to work, eat, chill and generally have a good time with friends or family.

Cafe Peter

Cafe Peter is located at Apte Road.

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