It’s Breakfast Time At Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli has recently launched their revamped breakfast menu, to satiate the morning hunger pangs of Punekars. While breakfast itself is a healthy meal, there is an entire healthy eating section specially dedicated to the diet conscious.

The new breakfast menu has a lot of options ranging from Full Deli Breakfast, Waffles, Eggs done many ways, Omlettes, Healthy Options & Power Breakfast and Smoothie Bowls.

The decor

So, when I was invited to try their breakfast spread, I only had to contemplate whether I could get up that early to make the long drive to KP from my place. For Indigo Deli, I definitely can. 😀

The accompaniments

The Full Deli Breakfast includes 2 eggs done any way, baked beans, roasted balsamic tomato, seared mushrooms, choice of sausage bacon, and a choice of in-house freshly baked bread. A striking looking plate of food, this is sufficient for one person. Pair it with an amazing single origin coffee and you’re good to go.

Full Deli Breakfast [Rs. 440]

The Deli House Masala Oats sported some lovely homely flavors. Although prepared very well, this is a good option for the diet conscious who wish to partake something which is not too heavy yet filling.

Deli House Masala Oats [Rs. 245]


The Goan Choriz Eggs Benedict has Florentine, classic with smoked ham, smoked salmon, and Goan Choriz. The Pork was very tender and I loved the runny egg on top. Slightly messy appearance but that’s expected when you have a runny egg. #DeliciousDelicious

Goan Choriz Eggs Benedict [Rs. 295]

Omlette [Rs. 245]

The BBQ Chicken and Yellow Cheddar Omlette had a sweetish taste thanks to the sauce, which didn’t quite go that well with the eggs, in my opinion. However, it wasn’t unpalatable. ?

BBQ Chicken and Yellow Cheddar Omlette

Healthy Options and Power Breakfast [Rs. 325]

The Quinoa and Oatmeal Pancakes served with a berry compote is a wonder in itself. Pancakes made using quinoa and oatmeal can be made to look and taste so incredible, is something the talented chef has managed to achieve. Adding a little honey to the batter itself, he ensured no extra honey or syrup is needed thereby keeping it entirely healthy and low on sweetness. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Quinoa and Oatmeal Pancakes

The Farmers Skillet has spinach, grilled squash, bell peppers, chickpeas, mushrooms, potato hash, and balsamic roasted tomato and served with multi-grain toast. Another healthy option for the discerning brekker.

Farmers Skillet

Yogurt Based Smoothie Bowls [Rs. 310]

The Almond, Vanilla Yogurt, Kiwi, Grapes and Chia Seeds Smoothie Bowl was my pick of the table. High on protein, the flavors were beyond gorgeous. The different flavors complemented each other very well in this healthy and filling bowl of absolute deliciousness. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Almond, Vanilla Yogurt, Kiwi, Grapes and Chia Seeds Smoothie Bowl

The Peach, Orange and Mixed Berries Smoothie Bowl, on the other hand, felt a little too tangy for me. Too much citrus in a bowl for even the yogurt to cut through.

Peach, Orange and Mixed Berries Smoothie Bowl

Single Origin Coffees (French Press)

I always need my morning Cuppa Joe with my breakfast. And with so many options in single origin coffee here, I was spoilt for choice. Finally opted for the Brazilian Santos which was smooth and mild with a nutty after taste. Brown sugar and milk served separately to be added per convenience.

Brazilian Santos [Rs. 185]

A big shout out to Saquib for inviting us and Chef Tushar and Team Indigo Deli for hosting us.

The happy gang!


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