BingSu at Cafe Peterdonuts – It’s Snow Time

BingSu or bingsoo is a very popular and elaborate dessert in Korea, especially during the summer season. This dessert is composed of ice shavings and various ingredients such as sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, various fruits such as strawberries, kiwifruit, and bananas, small pieces of tteok (rice cake), chewy jelly bits, and cereal flakes. It is often topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt. The most popular variety is pat bingsu made with sweetened azuki beans or red beans (known as 팥, pat). Source: Wikimedia Commons

Currently, Café Peterdonuts is the only restaurant serving these frozen awesomeness in their Viman Nagar and Aundh outlets. Made with shaven ice and fruit syrup toppings, the BingSu are reminiscent of our local “baraf ka gola” but on steroids.


With 8 BingSu on the menu, we sure had an amazing time trying out every variety. PS: they are known to cause brain freeze if eaten hurriedly.

So below are my top picks from the list of BingSu on offer:

The Pat BingSu is the original Korean traditional dish, made with soft snow, soybean powder, cornflakes, almond, red beans, and generous ice cream. Takes a little time to get used to these flavor combinations but it’s worth the wait.

Pat BingSu [Rs. 180]

The Oreo-Choco BingSu is a chocolate lover’s favorite. Soft snow covered with milkmaid, Oreo, and ice cream, then covered with generous cocoa powder and chocolate syrup, this one ticked off all the right boxes for me.

Oreo-Choco BingSu [Rs. 180]

The Mango BingSu was undoubtedly the best of the lot for me. The king of fruits on soft snow, making it a combination you just cannot resist. A dessert that gets you the best of both worlds.

Mango BingSu [Rs. 180]

The Paan BingSu is the classical Korean meets Indian dish. Soft snow topped with gulkand and almond chips and much more, this was a unique dish, one which instantly became the crowd favorite.

Paan BingSu [Rs. 180]

Apart from these, we also tried the following BingSu:

The Fruit BingSu is made with mixed fresh fruits on soft snow, milkmaid, chocolate syrup, and topped with fresh whipped cream. The milkmaid and chocolate syrup aren’t really “healthy” for a dessert touted as a healthy one but you gotta get some taste as well.

Fruit BingSu [Rs. 180]

The Coffee BingSu was also one I quite liked. Soft snow bathed in an espresso shot, caramel syrup, and served with milkmaid, grapes, red beans, and almond. However the hot espresso melted the shaven ice quicker so most of the dish turned out to be more like watered down espresso with a bunch of nuts.

Coffee BingSu [Rs. 180]

The Premium Cake-Fruit BingSu has soft snow with cheesecake, mixed fruits, whipped cream, and ice cream and covered with milkmaid and rich chocolate syrup. Definitely a premium feel to the dish. Lovely taste as well.

Premium Cake-Fruit BingSu [Rs. 260]

The Muskmelon BingSu had the freshness of muskmelon, with soft snow on the inside and whole cut fruit on top. Served prettily in a half-cut muskmelon, this dessert is a great option for the health conscious.

Muskmelon BingSu [Rs. 260]

A big shout out to Neha for inviting us and Team Peterdonuts for hosting us.



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